Category: Tools

  • Bitwarden


    Bitwarden is a free and open-source password manager. It aims to solve password management problems for individuals, teams, and business organizations. Bitwarden is among the best and safest solutions to store all of your logins and passwords while conveniently keeping them synced between all of your devices. Bitwarden also features Bitwarden Send, which allows you to share…

  • Proton Mail

    Proton Mail

    Proton Mail is an email service with a focus on privacy, encryption, security, and ease of use. They have been in operation since 2013. Proton AG is based in Genève, Switzerland. Accounts start with 500 MB storage with their free plan.

  • Aegis Authenticator

    Aegis Authenticator

    Aegis Authenticator is a free, secure and open-source app to manage your multi-factor authentication (MFA) tokens for your online services on your Android phone. Setting up Aegis

  • CalyxOS


    CalyxOS was removed as a recommendation in July 2022. At this time, CalyxOS is not a recommended tool. Consider using GrapheneOS instead. CalyxOS is a custom Android operating system which uses microG for Play Services compatibility.

  • Mullvad Browser

    Mullvad Browser

    Mullvad Browser is a version of Tor Browser with Tor network integrations removed. It provides Tor Browser’s anti-fingerprinting browser technologies to VPN users. Tor Project is developing the browser themselves, and Mullvad is handling distribution. Using Mullvad Browser does not require the use of Mullvad’s VPN. Like Tor Browser, Mullvad Browser prevents fingerprinting by making your browser fingerprint identical to all other Mullvad Browser users.…

  • Orbot


    Orbot is a free Tor VPN for smartphones which routes traffic from any app on your device through the Tor network. Orbot is often outdated on the Guardian Project’s F-Droid repository and Google Play, so consider downloading directly from the GitHub repository instead. Orbot can proxy individual apps if they support SOCKS or HTTP proxying. It can also proxy all your network connections using VpnService and can…

  • Arkenfox


    The Arkenfox project provides a set of carefully considered options for Firefox. If you decide to use it, a few options are subjectively strict and/or may cause some websites to not work properly – which you can easily change to suit your needs. We strongly recommend reading through their full wiki. It also enables container support. Arkenfox only aims to thwart basic or naive tracking scripts through canvas…

  • GrapheneOS


    GrapheneOS is a custom Android operating system which provides additional security hardening and privacy improvements over stock Android. It has a hardened memory allocator, network and sensor permissions, and various other security features. GrapheneOS also comes with full firmware updates and signed builds, so verified boot is fully supported.

  • Tor Browser

    Tor Browser

    Tor Browser is a fork of Firefox designed for anonymous browsing for desktop computers and Android. It’s our top choice if you need anonymity, as it provides you with access to the Tor network and bridges, and it includes default settings and extensions that are automatically configured by the default security levels: Standard, Safer and Safest. You should never install any additional extensions…