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GrapheneOS is a custom Android operating system which provides additional security hardening and privacy improvements over stock Android. It has a hardened memory allocator, network and sensor permissions, and various other security features. GrapheneOS also comes with full firmware updates and signed builds, so verified boot is fully supported.

Is GrapheneOS Legal?

Yes. GrapheneOS is an open-source Android operating system for your phone, which provides additional security features like Sandboxed Google Play, more comprehensive permission toggles, automatic reboots, additional user profiles for compartmentalization, attack surface reduction, anti-exploit, other vulnerability mitigations, and more.

Which phones can use GrapheneOS?

As of April 2023, GrapheneOS supports Google Pixel phones beginning from the Pixel 4 to the Pixel 7. Generally speaking, GrapheneOS supports any Google Pixel device which has not reached end-of-life (EOL) support.

How safe is GrapheneOS?

GrapheneOS is even safer than the OS your phone comes with, it supports all the same security features your phone already has, such as verified boot, while adding many additional privacy and security features, and removing invasive system integrations like Google Play.

Can I install GrapheneOS on any phone?

GrapheneOS can only be installed on supported devices which meet its strict security criteria.

Why should I use GrapheneOS?

GrapheneOS provides many additional privacy and security features, while keeping the convenience you normally expect from an Android operating system. It replaces the invasive Google Play integrations most phones have with “Sandboxed Google Play,” which provides maximum app compatibility without granting Google full system access to your device.

Who is behind GrapheneOS?

GrapheneOS was founded in 2014 by Daniel Micay.

Why does GrapheneOS only support Google Pixel?

Google Pixel phones are the only phones which meet GrapheneOS’s strict hardware security requirements. Many other Android phones do not support basic security functionality, such as retaining verified boot when using a custom Android operating system.