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Orbot is a free Tor VPN for smartphones which routes traffic from any app on your device through the Tor network.

Orbot is often outdated on the Guardian Project’s F-Droid repository and Google Play, so consider downloading directly from the GitHub repository instead.

Orbot can proxy individual apps if they support SOCKS or HTTP proxying. It can also proxy all your network connections using VpnService and can be used with the VPN killswitch in  Settings → Network & internet → VPN → Options → Block connections without VPN.

Is Orbot a VPN or Tor?

Orbot connects your phone to the Tor network with your phone’s built-in VPN functionality. This means that every app on your phone will send its internet traffic through volunteer-run servers on the Tor network.

Does Orbot hide my IP address?

Yes, apps and websites will see the IP address of the exit node of your Tor circuit rather than your own IP when you connect with Orbot.

Does Orbot make you anonymous?

Orbot can provide anonymity by sending your traffic through the Tor network, however, it may still be possible to fingerprint certain apps on your device. For the best anonymity while web browsing, you should use something like Tor Browser instead of regular web browsers or apps with Orbot.

Does Orbot route all traffic through Tor?

Orbot routes all the traffic on your phone through the Tor network. You should use an app like the Tor Browser instead if you only want your browser to go through the Tor network.

Can a WiFi/network admin see what websites I’m visiting with Orbot?

Orbot and the Tor network hide what websites you’re accessing from anyone on your network, however your network administrator may still be able to see that you are connected to Tor. They just won’t know what you’re doing on the Tor network.