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The Arkenfox project provides a set of carefully considered options for Firefox. If you decide to use it, a few options are subjectively strict and/or may cause some websites to not work properly – which you can easily change to suit your needs. We strongly recommend reading through their full wiki. It also enables container support.

Arkenfox only aims to thwart basic or naive tracking scripts through canvas randomization and Firefox’s built-in fingerprint resistance configuration settings. It does not aim to make your browser blend in with a large crowd of other Arkenfox users in the same way Mullvad Browser or Tor Browser do, which is the only way to thwart advanced fingerprint tracking scripts. Remember you can always use multiple browsers, for example, you could consider using Firefox+Arkenfox for a few sites that you want to stay logged in on or otherwise trust, and Mullvad Browser for general browsing.

How does Arkenfox compare to Librewolf?

Librewolf is a fork of Firefox, whereas Arkenfox is a collection of modifications you make to your Firefox preferences. With Arkenfox, you’re still using Firefox and you’re getting updates (security patches, etc.) directly from Mozilla. With Librewolf, you’re waiting for those updates from Mozilla to be merged into Librewolf’s code and released by the Librewolf devs.

Arkenfox does not configure future Firefox privacy settings automatically, however you are guaranteed to receive future privacy-related features and security updates directly from Mozilla as they are released. On the other hand, Librewolf guarantees that all updates will have their privacy settings configured by default by Librewolf developers, however you are not guaranteed upstream features and security updates in a timely manner. Further Reading…

Can Arkenfox be used with Tor Browser?

The arkenfox user.js is made specifically for desktop Firefox. Using it as-is in other Gecko-based browsers can be counterproductive, especially in the Tor Browser.

Is Firefox good for privacy?

Firefox is a great choice when you’re choosing a private web browser. Paired with Arkenfox, Firefox is one of the most privacy protecting browsers you could choose, with great compatibility and ease of use.

Should I change any settings in Firefox for better privacy?

Privacy Guides has a list of recommended configuration options for Firefox to maximize your privacy protection when using Firefox or Arkenfox.