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What Sets Mullvad Browser Apart?


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Built in ad-blocker

With uBlock Origin pre-installed, Mullvad Browser blocks ads and trackers by default, no configuration necessary,



Built by Tor Project

Mullvad Browser is developed by Tor Project, a non-profit with years of private browser building experise!


Identical Appearance

Your Mullvad Browser install looks the same as every other Mullvad Browser install, letting you blend in with the crowd when you browse the web.


Easy Security Settings

Quickly adjust between Safe, Safer, and Safest privacy and security settings with a single tap!


Private Browsing Mode

Mullvad Browser enforces private browsing (incognito) mode by default, making sure any tracking cookies are wiped clean every time you leave the browser.

Advanced Protection

Pair it with a VPN!

For the best tracking protection, use Mullvad Browser with a VPN to hide your IP address! You can use any of our recommended VPN providers, including Mullvad VPN.