Privacy vs. Security vs. Anonymity

by Privacy Guides

Privacy is a set of choices you make about how your data is used and shared.

Security is protecting your personal information from unauthorised access

Anonymity is the complete disassociation of your online activities from your real identity.

Security and privacy are often confused, because you need security to obtain any semblance of privacy.

However, the inverse isn't necessarily true.

Anonymity is also often confused with privacy, but they're distinct concepts.

It's not only hiding what you do, what data you have, and not getting hacked, but also hiding who you are entirely.

Balancing security, privacy, and usability is one of the first and most difficult tasks you'll face on your privacy journey.

Focusing on the threats that matter to you narrows down your thinking about the protection you need, so you can choose the tools that are right for the job.

Threat modeling helps you do that.

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