The 3 best private web browsers

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Mullvad Browser

Mullvad Browser is a version of Tor Browser with Tor network integrations removed, aimed at providing Tor Browser's anti-fingerprinting browser technologies to VPN users.


1. Blend in with a crowd with protections developed by Tor. 2. uBlock Origin built in for ad and tracker blocking by default. 3. Your data is erased every time the browser is closed. 4. It can thwart advanced tracking scripts alongside a VPN.



A classic from Mozilla, Firefox provides strong privacy settings such as Enhanced Tracking Protection, which can help block various types of tracking.


1. Avoid Google's Chrome browser monopoly with an open source browser from a non-profit. 2. Change some settings and Firefox can provide the best privacy protections around!



A Chromium-based browser with built-in privacy protections and content blocking functionality.


1. Based on Chromium, which should provide minimal compatibility issues with your favorite websites. 2. Built in ad and tracker blocking by default! 3. Fingerprint randomization prevents sites from tracking you across the internet.