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Privacy Software

Privacy Software is software built to protect the privacy of its users. There are typically two main ways software will accomplish this:

  1. Operating locally without transmitting data: Software should strive to keep and process as much data as possible on the owner’s device, not in the cloud!
  2. Encrypting data: Any data that does have to be transmitted or stored (e.g. messages in an instant messenger, or files in cloud storage) should be encrypted with a key that only the owner controls, that way the software developers have no way to access personal data.

Privacy Guides is a non-profit, independent resource which provides software information and reviews, without sponsors or affiliates. Our recommended privacy tools are primarily chosen based on security features, with additional emphasis on decentralized and open-source tools. They are applicable to a variety of threat models ranging from protection against global mass surveillance programs and avoiding big tech companies to mitigating attacks, but only you can determine what will work best for your needs.

What privacy software is best?

Privacy Guides is the most transparent and reliable website for finding software, apps, and services that protect your personal data from mass surveillance programs, big tech corporations, and other privacy attackers.