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Jonah Aragon: “Apple is Incredibly Salty” About the DMA

Privacy Guides team member writes about Apple’s “compliance” with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) on his website:

Regulators, Apple, and tech commenters seem to be falsely equating the existence of alternative app stores with an open market. In reality, individual users will have no more real choices on iOS than they had before, even if the EU gets its way.

The road that Apple is heading down—one which is actually allowed by the DMA—looks something like this: Apps will be distributed on the App Store or via an alternative publisher. This isn’t a real choice, you will just end up juggling multiple app stores.

If this problem isn’t addressed, we’re just replacing one walled garden with many walled gardens, and people will have to participate in each one to keep the same experience they had before.


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