Author: Jonah Aragon

  • v3.12.2

    What’s Changed Fix Italian flag icon by @razac-elda in #2208 Full Changelog: v3.12.1…v3.12.2

  • v3.12.1

    What’s Changed Offline downloads fixed. Full Changelog: v3.12…v3.12.1

  • v3.12

    What’s Changed Enable Italian Translation by @dngray in #2184 Add Notesnook by @thecodrr in #2176 Other Changes Add HelloTux link to support us page. by @blacklight447 in #2182 Bump crowdin/github-action from 1.8.1 to 1.9.0 by @dependabot in #2178 F…

  • v3.11.1

    Full Changelog: v3.11…v3.11.1

  • v3.11

    What’s Changed Remove Librarian by @mfwmyfacewhen in #2159 Remove Startmail, as it’s not zero-knowledge by @dngray in #2166 Other Changes Clean up tor page by @mfwmyfacewhen in #2142 Bump crowdin/github-action from 1.7.1 to 1.8.0 by @dependabot in #…

  • Bitwarden


    Bitwarden is a free and open-source password manager. It aims to solve password management problems for individuals, teams, and business organizations. Bitwarden is among the best and safest solutions to store all of your logins and passwords while conveniently keeping them synced between all of your devices. Bitwarden also features Bitwarden Send, which allows you to share…

  • Proton Mail

    Proton Mail

    Proton Mail is an email service with a focus on privacy, encryption, security, and ease of use. They have been in operation since 2013. Proton AG is based in Genève, Switzerland. Accounts start with 500 MB storage with their free plan.

  • v3.10

    What’s Changed Change inaccurate wording for DNS providers by @mfwmyfacewhen in #2132 Update by @ItsDonny in #2136 Add Accrescent & Play Store Link For IVPN by @matchboxbananasynergy in #2139 Remove Play Store link for shelte…

  • Dark Web

    The “dark web” refers to websites which are not accessible via the normal internet. The Tor network allows access to a dark web of .onion websites, but other dark webs exist which are unrelated to Tor.

  • Threat Model

    Be sure to read our threat modeling guide for a full explanation on why threat modeling is the first step you need to take when deciding which privacy tools are right for you.